Why Pledge FIJI?

Your decision to go to college is one of the most significant choices you have made so far in your life. The next four years of your life will be broadening, demanding and rewarding. You will meet a variety of people and will have many new experiences. You will have new found freedom to make your own decisions and to test your own limits.

Phi Gamma Delta offers much to our members through leadership development, educational programs, and lifelong friendships.  We say that Phi Gamma Delta is “not for college days alone.” Our Brothers may graduate from college, but they never graduate from Phi Gamma Delta. They carry with them lifelong friendships, skills and the experiences from their undergraduate years.

On that note, we would like to tell you about an aspect of college life that could supply you with the best college experience possible: Fraternity membership.

Fraternity membership provides the opportunity for academic assistance, leadership and organizational development, both planned and informal social activities, intramural competition, social service events and small group living. All of these experiences result in lifelong friendships which make your college days some of the most exciting and memorable of your life.

2021 Recruitment Chairman (contact for more info):

Matt Simone (402.709.5081) or Jackson Bartling (402.650.3152)

The Lambda Nu Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta encourages you to participate in fraternity recruitment. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices:

Enjoy Recruitment. The decision to join a fraternity is a lifetime commitment. Millions of men have gone through rush and have benefited from the advantages of fraternity life. Although this sounds stressful, it isn’t. Make sure you have fun. You will meet a lot of great guys from many different fraternities who want to do the same thing as you – meet new people.

Set Your Own Goals. Decide for yourself what you want out of a fraternity. Why are you rushing? Do you want a chance to be a leader? Do you want to establish a network of connections to be used once you graduate? Maybe you just want to meet new friends, or perhaps you want to join a fraternity just to enhance your college experience. The best way to find a fraternity that suits your needs is to find out what you what from the fraternity.

Explore Your Options. Once you have set your goals, you need to explore your options. Make sure to visit as many chapters as you can. By looking at all the different organizations, you can get a better idea of what you want. Think of it as buying a car, first you would test drive at least four or five different cars before you started to…

…Narrow Down Your Options. After carefully comparing your favorite choices, you would finally make an educated decision as to which one you really want. The same goes for joining a house. Once you have visited as many houses as you can, eliminate the ones you don’t like, and go back and carefully inspect the ones that interest you.

Spend Time Getting To Know the Brothers. Once you have decided which house you like, spend as much time with members as you can. Try to meet a majority (if not all) of the Brothers. This gives the Brothers of the chapter ample time to get you know you, as well, and shows them that you are serious about wanting to be part of their Brotherhood.

The “Animal House” Persona Does Not Apply to the Greeks of Today. Fraternity members have fought long and hard to shake the image that “Animal House” created long ago. It just isn’t true. For example, every fraternity at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln has agreed to the guidelines of rushing as set by the Inter-Fraternity Council. No drugs. No alcohol. We have much more to offer than what was portrayed by “Animal House.”

Learn From Rush. If you decide not to join a fraternity, then at least get as much out of rush as possible. Ask questions about professors you have, or classes you might want to take. Have fun! Last but not least, meet new friends that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet